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Air Slide

Continental in cooperation with Martin Engineering has the ability to offer air supported belt conveyors. This type of conveyor is unique in that it has no moving parts on the inside of the conveyor. The belt is supported on a film of air, thus reducing friction and decreasing HP while improving operating performance.

The high volume, low PSI air required for the conveyor requires minimal HP. Normally the HP reduction in the conveyor drive offset the HP required by the blower. Each conveyor is fitted with pressure sensitive switch system to act as a safety device, similar to a zero speed switch.

The enclosed conveying area eliminates the potential for spillage and also creates a dust free environment. Removing idlers eliminates routine maintenance and the cost of spare idler parts.

Plenum sections are fabricated with galvanized sheet material in 10'-0" long sections with galvanized cover sections in 5'-0" lengths. Air supported belt return systems are also available and constructed with the same material.

These conveyors can be provided as small size and capacity 18" units up to high capacity 72" wide conveyors several hundred feet long. The plenum sections are normally mounted to 6" or 8" channel frame with spans ranging from 20'-0" to 25'-0" depending on conveyor width. Mounting on truss frame allows for longer span and larger width conveyors for higher capacity.

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