A belt on a grain elevator

Belt Conveyor

Standard Belt Conveyors

Standard Belt Conveyors

We offer standard idler type belt conveyors known for moving large amounts of material with a minimal amount of HP. These conveyors can be provided as small capacity 18" feeders with a short single welded channel frame assembly to high capacity 48" wide conveyors several hundred feet long with 20'-0" or 40'-0" truss sections.

We offer two general types of construction, 6", 8" and 10" channel frame with spans ranging from 15 feet to 20 feet depending on conveyor width. Truss frame construction allows for longer span and larger width conveyors for higher capacity. Trusses are available in 24" to 48" depth for standard units, up to 60" depths for units with wide belts and high capacities.

Standard conveyors are typically open on the carry and return side, they can be fitted with full radius covers on the carrying side to decrease the amount of dust along with return side fabricated covers to further reduce the dust and collect any residue material.

Outside Conveyor system
Open Conveyor