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Special Screw Features

Special Screw Construction

There are several variations of the basic screw section available from CSC. Along with various materials of construction, additional processes can be used to improve the performance of a screw for a particular application.

Electropolished Screw

Electropolished Screw Sections

Another option is to have the screw electropolished, a common choice when handling sticky materials.

Hardsurfacing System
Hard surfaced sys

Hardsurfaced Screw Sections

One option is to hardsurface the pipe and/or flight surfaces of the screw section. CSC has an automated hardsurfacing process which can apply powder to take the hardness of the treated area up to 60Rc. Applied using a plasma transfer arc, the powder is embedded into the pipe/flight for a solid bond, more durable than coatings which only sit on the surface.

Hardsurfacing is used for applications involving highly abrasive materials such as glass or sand. It can also be a cost effective option for units which are difficult to maintain, the initial extra cost being offset by the reduced maintenance required due to extended service life.